What To Do And When

What To Do And When

One of the first lessons you will learn is that we do NOT  live in a democracy where you are innocent until proven guilty. We live in a police state where you are guilty until proven guilty. Yes, I said that right. You are guilty till proven guilty. You are now on a conveyor belt of the state making a huge amount of money. Because you do not know how to play the game, it will appear to the court that you are guilty because you do not know how to defend your self. Get started on doing these things.

  1. Let go of your attorney and get a “limited scope representation” attorney. The court may supply them.
  2. Rescind your signatures – Take back your rights
  3. Start getting the discovery – Find out what, how, and why they are taking you to court.
  4. Start writing your defense – Kick some butt.
  5. Prepare for court
  6. Get witness and proof that you are a fit parent.
  7. Argue it in court.
  8. Object to anything you do not agree with.



Fire Your Attorney If your attorney was truly helping you get your children back, they would have done these things already. Having an attorney to fully represent you takes away ALL of your ability to fight. When you have an attorney, you are giving them “power of attorney”. That means that you no longer have ANY say in the matter. You have left it in their “capable hands”.

What you really want is an attorney that will coach you and help you write your court documents and STILL let YOU be in charge as a Pro Se.. File a motion to let go of your attorney and get an attorney that will help you be Pro Se by coaching you and helping write the legal documents and even speaking for you in court sometimes…all while you are pro se.


If the judge tries to assign you a court appointed attorney, tell the judge that you will be PRO SE or Pro per and will ONLY except an attorney as a STAND-BY ATTORNEY or a LIMITED SCOPE REPRESENTATION  attorney. 


Rescind your signatures

SIGN NOTHING! ANSWER NOTHING. When you sign your name to ANY document, you are entering into a contract. You can even contract to agree that you are GUILTY. Because you were not told ALL of the consequences of signing your name, the law allows you to rescind (reverse) your signature. 

They want to keep you in the dark as much as they can. If you do not have all the facts or know how they are going to come at you….you will lose the game.


Start writing your defense

This course is going to teach you how to do that.