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Review for Laramie, Wyoming; Albany County Department of Family "Services" (DFS)
Home search, trace amounts of controlled substance.

My fiancée, Natasha has been on probation for a couple of months. One day she shows up at her appointment, and she admits to having used a controlled substance within the past week. No drug screen, nor lab confirmation followed this confession, she was immediately arrested.

Following her arrest, the Laramie Police Department (LPD) went to a location where they already knew our son, Isaac (~1-1/2 yrs old) would be found – within the home of his Aunties and Godmother.
The LPD arrived in the company of Sheriff Deputy(s), as the residence lies outside of LPD jurisdiction. After knocking on the door, which was answered, the LPD demanded the surrender of the child, under threat of law, without any warrant, and claiming that the child was in “Imminent Danger”. Initially, the two adult residents (responsible adults with no rap-sheet whatever) refused their demands; however, in the end, they surrendered the baby. The LPD then showed up at my work to arrest me. Natasha and I have both bonded out, but are court ordered not to communicate in any way. I lost my job of 13 years, and we were evicted, as the police and/or detention-center staff “could not find” my debit card so that Natasha could release it to a friend to keep the rent paid.
That was on February 03, 2023, Isaac remains within DFS custody to this day, traumatized beyond words, somewhat alienated towards his mother and myself, and no clear hope of ever returning home – although we have both passed all drug screens.

Yesterday, I was adjudicated “GUILTY”, even though the state had no case for neglect, I ran them over like a freight train – it was practically a one-sided battle; I shoved a boot so far up their ass a surgeon was required to remove it. I clearly exposed cops lying under oath, cited the law, argued simple logic that by statute language the conclusion could simply not be supported by the premisses.

Yet, all was for naught; judge said I was hiding behind the language in statutes, casting blame all around, etc…, all to cover up my own wrong doings. It’s amazing the disregard the judge shows for laws, statutes, perjury, medical-related testimony given by lay witnesses (in spite of my objection, which she sustained, then the DA continued in the same vein as if there had been no objection – and the judge simply allowed the in-expert witness to continue giving “expert” testimony.

It was a kangaroo-court”, a mere dog-and-pony show in which no respondent/defendant could ever hope to prevail.

Review for Las Vegas Nevada. Department of family services
4 Allegations none of them have been found true

They took my daughter and placed her into foster care. Because they got a report stating that “I am an ex felon and I had a gun and was going to shoot at the police.” That there is drug use.. but cps hasn’t entirely confirmed that. And that I have mental health issues.

I was arrested and booked into the north Las Vegas jail and released two days later because state denies all charges. So I tried getting my baby back and they said no. That the state dropping the charges has nothing to do with them. So no gun was found. On my person or in my home. I passed the drug test and I have never took medication for mental health.

Review for Minneapolis, Minnesota, Hennepin County CPS
Medical Kidnapping

I have to go to pretrial and Trial and April and May and they have committed fraud and don’t have any reason to consider me negligent.

Almost a year ago my son became aggressive due to head pain and being severely autistic and when I called EMS on the side of the road he was transferred to Fairview Southdale where all the hell began. They blamed me for my sons aggression and took away my visitation rights and held him in the hospital for a total of about eight months in a room and eight weeks of that was in an ER. He picked up 140 pounds and medically declined with a respiratory condition.

They sent court notifications and drew up a petition that was totally false and everything has been fraudulent and Hennepin County CPS has lied about everything except for the fact that my son needs help and they are unwilling to help me take care of him in my home.

He has now been taken and it is in a DHS home which the judge signed for CPS to have temporary custody and he is struggling. We can’t see him yet and I have pre-trial in April and trial in May regarding their petition. They have told the father that they will not give him back to me despite me not even going to trial yet the prosecutor has stated that I will never get him back.

They don’t have any grounds to take my child away from me. There’s never been any abuse and I am an outstanding member of my community and I work in the medical field as a certified medical coder and I could lose my coding job. I have had several attorneys that have sided with the prosecutor and I’ve had to change those attorneys. I had to go pro se in one of my hearings and then the judge warned me not to do that.

I miss my son and I need him to get help for his head pain in his autoimmune condition and they have charge me with Neglect because I have had him seen by Alternative Med Providers And I had him on medical cannabis tincture which they stated was illegal and it wasn’t true.

They prescribe my son so many antipsychotics and neuroleptics that caused side effects and caused him to gain 140 pounds within the past year and then have this respiratory condition because he can’t control his soft palate due to those sedating medication‘s. I have to watch my son decline and I can’t do a thing about it but pray.

The whole year they have searched every day for out-of-state placement despite me and the father objecting to him leaving the state they continue to look but he was flagged and nobody wanted to take an aggressive child.

I know that was a work of God and he didn’t want that to happen so he shut the door on all those things and I do believe he will come through and I pray that I get my child back. The last hearing We tried to have the motion to dismiss that they would stop lying and give me my son back immediately but the judge said no.

I have filed complaints against the Doctor Who gave my son medication against my will and I have five complaints against the nurse who set me up on my last visitation to create a story that would help CPS with this trial.  Little did they know that I was videotaping the whole night and what they would turn over to the executive children’s hospital staff would be a huge fictional story. But no, they made it into the truth because they won’t let me submit my evidence and Minnesota department of health will send a letter out stating that they might do an answer investigation but then they never do anything.

When will we see justice?

When will disabled people be treated with respect? He has cried out that he wants his mother and he will even tell them that over and over again and they were document it in their medical records but they still always take away the mother.

Review for Southbend Indiana dcs
The day my life changed

Dcs lied, set us up and even went so far as to tamper with my drug test. I know most people lie and say they were clean but honest to God they put cocaine, a drug I don’t even do in my swab test and the levels were so high I would’ve been at the level of an overdose yet was standing there completely fine.

I was a single mom to my son until I met my husband we decided we wanted to try for a daughter and our dreams came true we had our beautiful boy and our beautiful girl. The bond the three of us had was like nothing on this earth until dcs got involved over a retaliation phone call. We kicked out my husband’s aunt after she had lived with us Scott free for over a year. We loaned her money fed her paid all the bills paid for her gas etc.  Then one day after already giving her 40 dollars she asked for another 20. We told her no.

The very next morning dcs comes into my house! Comes in! With tazers pointing at my husband my 7 month pregnant self and our 1 year old baby girl! The cop wouldn’t even let us get dressed I was in a T-shirt and underwear, my husband in boxers! We told them it was our home we were going to move about our home freely, if they felt they were in “danger” they could respectfully wait outside.  That’s when the officer threatened my husband and tried to fight him in front of our children! We later have to appear at court (mind you this was 4 months later after my husband’s aunt had called dcs every day for 5 months making insane accusations.)

Dcs was at my house everyday if not every other day for 4 months straight so they decided well something must be wrong here since you’ve had so many reports. I explained again that it was the same person. They said 2 or more would have to call. Later I find out she had her niece, my husband’s cousin call just because they had gotten to an argument.

We go to our first court date and our case worker tells us as long as we agree to do what they ask and not fight it that they would allow us to keep our children in home. We go into the court room we tell the judge we will do as cps asked he then says “so you deny your right to a lawyer and agree to the safety plan”|? We say yes…. THEN THEY SAY WE RECOMMEND THE CHILDREN BE REMOVED AT THIS TIME!! even though they had just lied to our faces just to get us to agree not to get an attorney. I try to tell the judge. He said he didn’t care.

Then we get visitation 3 days a week and have to drive almost an hour away Monday Wednesday and Friday and had to be there at 12 am so my husband had to leave work at 10:30 grab the kids lunch (cause they make you bring everything the kids need for the 3 hour visit) and then pick me up at 11:15 to make it there by 12.

My husband ended up losing his job because his work schedule was 7 to 2 so he only was working 3 hours Monday Wednesday and Friday he was off Saturday and Sunday. We asked multiple and I mean multiple times if they could either make the visits Monday, Saturday, and Sunday so he only had to miss one day of work. They said no. We asked if they could move the visit closer to us and set it for 1:30 or 2 so my husband could leave at 1 or 1:30. They again said no.  Then we asked the person who sits in the visitation room for a permission slip for my husband to leave work so he didn’t lose his job she said she didn’t do that. So we attempt to call our case worker which never answered us never! He said he could give us a paper saying my husband had a court order to go to visitations. We waited and waited while calling every week just to get no answer. Finally a month goes by and my husband loses his job. Our case worker hadn’t even called us back one time!

Then we had to struggle to get gas to get there.  They offered vouchers. Again, we never got them. So we would have to borrow money from friends and family all week for gas and items for our kids during visitation.

We ended up being late 5 minutes just to show up and her not be there with out kids! She then lied and said we never showed! Because supposedly they are supposed to wait 15 minutes for you to arrive then leave. This lady must’ve left after 3 or 4 minutes cause we were only 5 minutes late. We didn’t see her come in or out of the parking lot. Then we had to go to court to continue to get visitations which the judge denied because they said we had missed 3 visits.

I saw a bruise the size of a pool ball on my daughter’s forehead that was a massive bump but it had started to turn yellow the lady that sits in on the visits said she hit her head on a door knob when we were all sitting there and she bumped into the door a fresh bruise is red not yellow and purple withing seconds and she bumped the side of her head not her forehead. After that is when they stopped our visits, blaming us. The lady who watched the visits knew the foster lady so I think she didn’t want to get her on trouble.

Then the judge ordered us to take drug test, drug classes, and parenting classes to see our kids so we agreed. We called dcs asking when they were going to set up our requirements they said soon then a month goes by after we had called and called we called them every day multiple times a day and didn’t receive a single reply. Then we go to our next court date the judge says we have 90 days to complete the requirements. A lot of you know how dcs has to make the referral in order for you to even go to these places so we again called and called and called. I even printed out our call logs and showed the judge out of 90 days we had called around 160 times…. They called back 3 times. Then the judge said if we didn’t do the 3 requirements he would issue us bench warrants even though I told him and showed him dcs never scheduled it.

Finally, FINALLY they schedule it for a Friday I can’t remember the exact date but for Friday at 11:30 I couldn’t find the place so I called the case worker who happened to pick up she helped me with directions then I sit there with my husband for 3 HOURS! just to finally be called and told that we were not scheduled and we weren’t even supposed to be there. I call the case worker back no answer.

No surprise there. Then, the following Monday she calls me and said my daughter’s had been adopted out I lost my parental rights and my son had been given to his biological father. I immediately lost it and asked when?? She said we had court at 12 the previous Friday….. The Friday she had sent me on a wild goose chase. The caseworker spoke on the phone with me for 15 minutes at 11:30 instead of telling me we had court in 30 minutes she gave me directions to a place I didn’t even need to go to….
Dcs illegally stole my babies they ruined my life and all I want to know is why!?!

Review for Lancaster, Ohio CPS
Newborn snatched from hospital under false alligations

I gave birth to a healthy full-term baby despite having prenatal surgery done at 24w to help w/baby’s Spina Bifida. Baby was in NICU for 3w after birth to monitor how well she was doing (she did Great!) Being I was put on bed rest in Cincinnati from Aug.-Jan. due to the decision of having the surgery done prenatal instead of right after birth, which gave our baby a better start on life, we lost our home in Lancaster, but had everything lined up with family and Organizations willing to help us once released.

A week before discharge, CPS from Lancaster came to us because they said that they thought we we’re homeless and I was being prescribed a low dose of Subutex which our baby had no signs of with drawl from. But they came asked questions, got releases, did instant drug screens, got tox report from baby (her umbilical cord blood test which has to happen being on medication). Never failed a test, baby never failed.

They leave and 2 days later I received a phone call from CPS saying that I have a emergency court hearing the next morning? This court hearing happened on a Fri. During the court hearing CPS said that the father and I both failed our instant test and I failed for illegal drugs giving birth to our baby. We had never even heard these claims against us until then.

These claims were false, the magistrate even asked CPS for documentation of these screens for proof and CPS did not have them. Because this happen so fast we did not have time to contact our family members or anyone to provide proof of where we were going after discharge of baby, they just said that we had until 10pm that night to visit with our daughter who was 3w old with a medical condition called Spina Bifida and then we had to leave the hospital premises and Ronald Mcdonald House!

We know that with our daughters condition the 1st year is very important and stressful and during our stay at the Children’s Hospital we both were trained on how to specially care for our baby girl. Heart broken we immediately contact CPS supervisors asking where did all these things come from that was being said??? She told us that she did not know why it was read in court that we failed because we did not, and that they were still waiting on tox reports to come back from hospital. I got my own copy of all tox reports that same day and they refused to take them straight from me.

Also only 1 family member was contacted and was told that baby was born with illegal drugs in her system and really bad health problems, and she had a feeding tube and that there was no way that family could care for our baby. All lies!! The family member of who we are staying with contacted CPS that same day and told them that baby can come there that they worked from home and could provide all care for baby until everything is straighten out and she was denied placement.

It took CPS 2 months to go clear the home and even with the people and home cleared they emailed and said due to baby’s medical needs they are not pursuing kinship placement with her.

Back to documents from Children’s Hospital, there’s documents in black and white saying that they spoke with CPS and clarified all questions and answers that CPS caseworker had and that there was NEVER anything in the baby’s or my system, they shared the reports personally w/caseworker and strongly suggest that I continue to breastfeed my baby. That was documented Jan.19th!

We didn’t even get to see our baby for 2 weeks after we was made to leave the hospital by CPS. I could no longer pump milk for her under the stress of not knowing where my baby was and not knowing what I did wrong!

We had court last month w/ court appointed attorneys who talked us into agreeing to dependency to CPS because we was told that if we fought “we would get thrown out of the court house because we stayed w/ CPS approved family and did not own our own car.” We have a huge house and plenty of support for transportation but CPS says that doesn’t count! We had stable housing and jobs of our own before we found out our babys condition and decided to do what was best for her! We only get 3hrs a week w/ our baby and get to go to doctors appointments. That’s it! We call in to do random drug screens everyday since the day she was took, Dec.10th and never once failed any! Did all assessments where CPS wanted them done, done everything we can and still have to have supervised visits and still no family is being allowed placement!

My baby is 3 months old now and due to her condition she has spinal fluid building up on her brain that needs monitored closely, and we’ve stressed this to CPS, she’s doing great with all her other areas of health but her head is our biggest concern. last Thursday was our visit, the CPS visitation supervisor brings us our baby to have our 1 1/2hr visit and as soon as we get her, we instantly notice somethings not right, she’s not acting herself, her eyes rolled back into her head and neck drops! We instantly told CPS we have to go to the nearest ER now, we could feel that her head was swollen and there’s something wrong.

They contacted foster mother who met us at ER who said that the baby hasn’t been sleeping and very fussy. The ER neurologist had a iv in her and was preparing for possible shunt to be place. At that time CPS director was contacted because they needed to know who had rights to allow brain surgery to take place if needed. So needless to say if I felt like she needed that shunt that night and CPS didn’t I couldn’t give that permission. But obviously I know my babys medical condition and concerns more than they do, I was trained for it!

It’s being held against my husband and I that we don’t have our own home and car and that’s why we can’t have our daughter? We live in a 5 bedroom home with my Husbands Aunt and Uncle ( the ones who passed CPS inspection to get placement of baby) but CPS is still not wanting us to have our child.

I’m so lost, I keep asking is there something I’m missing here? Can they really do this to us? They never apologized to us about slandering us and never set anything straight paper wise, like our case plan that was made Jan.27th signed by the magistrate with the 1st line saying I failed for illegal drugs during birth even though I have documents from Hospital stating that they personally contacted CPS and gave them what they needed and clarified that CPS’s accusations are wrong.

CPS states that foster mother had to quit job due to my baby’s care, foster mother also said that she has 7 other children in her home 4 with medical needs. So she’s allowed to care for my baby but a whole family with no children in the home can’t due to her medical needs???

I’m so lost and of course now CPS recommended that my husband gets a mental health evaluation. But other than calling in to do random drug screens everyday and going to our babys medical appointments, there’s nothing else we can do in order to get our baby home or even get unsupervised visits so we have more time with our baby.

They want my husband and I to report to child support agency also to set up to start paying child support for our baby too!!

Does anybody know what is going on? My lawyer just says that they will continue to monitor, I would completely understand if we had done something to cause this whole situation, but what terrifies me is why is this happening? CPS got their facts straighten out now, why is our baby still not allowed to come home or to family especially with her condition?

If foster mother can’t work due to care of our baby why would we go back to work and pay child support if we’re suppose to be working on reunification? Please I’m looking for understanding and support, a finger in the right direction from anyone who knows how this is suppose to work. Tomorrow is never promised to any of us, and I would lose it if something went wrong and I only have gotten 3 hr a week with my baby because someone somewhere is doing something very wrong to our family instead of trying to protect us.

Review for Hillsboro and Beaverton, Oregon CPS
Retaliation against me and parental Alienation to break me down

I have now 2 years fighting this case without any visitation with my 2 girls and now my girls don’t want anything to do with me due to Parental Alienation by the paternal aunt who has been brainwashing them for 2 years and now they are coming out with allegations that has to do with sexual abuse and sex trafficking by me and more and more allegations that keeps on going without no proof or criminal case.

Right now my case is in the TPR. I put in a motion of judgement to dismiss the case to where they don’t have any evidence to keep on holding me and my kids in their jurisdiction. And they just filed a new second petition for some new allegations that they have no evidence of but yet retaliation over the arbitration that they lost for not appearing and I won the award. Now they saying that I’m impeaching them over that. They just don’t know what else to accuse me of without no actual evidence on their part.

But see they took my kids over a case that happened in 2017 that they just put in the 2021 case. My case is a mess and this is not the whole story all their doing is all corrupted. I have a very big civil lawsuit against them. Because the recording that i have from the beginning is gonna make them look so bad that they wont even see it coming. Anyways I have hold it down and haven’t lost my self yet even if I haven’t seen my girls for 2 years I have accepted the fact that one day they will find out the truth of how much I really loved my girls despite finishing all court order requirements till this day.

My case is on a roller coaster with so many dates for 2 separate trials for 2 of my girls alleging that I sold them to men for drugs or whatever they say I did. Anyways sorry for the mix story I know is all a mess but God is my salvation and my strength to keep having faith. I’m holding on as much as I can.

Review for -
Non-offending Parent

Non-offending parent and while in the care of my step father and mother my children were sexually abused,  molested,  physical abuse,  mental abuse and this is all traumatizing.  I’m in Texas, kids are in Alaska.  Oldest girl just turned 17. They won’t let her come to me and she tried to commit suicide ended up in Northstar .  I just want my kids.  Please help. Step father in prison for life.  No contact with my mother anymore.  It’s a nightmare.  My little girl wants to be with me.

Editors note: (North Star Behavioral Health is a behavioral health facility)

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Grandparent's Loss

My 2 grandchildren have been taken from their parents and I don’t have suitable housing and money to support them. Do I have any hope of getting them

Review for -
Negative Drug Test

I have a case with CYS open for approximately a year and a  half after my then boyfriend, Chris, received drug charges. I have no charges. I then lost custody of my 2 sons, ( ages 13&16) on June 30th due to Chris’s  lack of cooperation with CYS. He never once met with them. Unlike him, I did. Always met with them. Always drug tested. Always negative. Despite all my efforts and doing everything I was required, I still do not have my boys home. Now this time is a little different. I have done all my requirements (including having Chris removed from my rental lease, I went back to work so I have proof of employment, I did meetings with ABC, voluntarily went and graduated from a drug rehab and now Chris is even in jail for the next years)

I was also to do RSO. (Random drug testing). I have done this for months prior. Always attended and always negative. I don’t do them now. Despite all the things I have done I know this makes me look extremely bad. My reasoning for not complying with this is simple…I went back to work. I had put work off for months to cooperate with CYS, but the bills were adding up and also I was needed at work. In my return I quickly advanced positions. I am the executive personal assistant at Petitto Electric. My work requires me to travel all over Pennsylvania sometimes away for days or weeks at a time. Since I do not have my boys right now, it’s my time to work my butt off. Since I do this type of work, I am often unable to be in Carlisle for testing. I have asked to test elsewhere and always shut down. If I’m 3 hour a away, it’s impossible for me to get there. Especially since I also do not have a vehicle, I travel with my boss and/or coworkers.

So I need someone who will really help me fight this. My boss has agreed to go to court on my behalf.  My next hearing is March 6th on Carlisle. If this is a battle you think you could help me with please get back to me as soon as possible! I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!!

Review for -
No Case Plan

Well first of all before my child was born my dad had made arrangements with people he knew for them to adopt my baby without ever even speaking to me which is living. Anyway when I had the baby we both tested positive for syphilis the lab didn’t get the results till after we were discharged. I changed phone numbers as soon as I got out of hospital so they weren’t able to contact me by the phone several days after being discharged. Health department investigators came to my house telling me that me and the baby need to get to the hospital. I did not go that day immediately. I went the next day. However the situation has been resolved so when the people that thought they were going to adopt my child spoke to me I told them absolutely NOT and never even considered adoption. After I said no, while I was in the hospital my dad called the hospital and I’m not sure what all they told him, but then the hospital called CPS and that’s why I have an open case which has been going on for 4 months now. All they have on me is medical neglect, failure, but I don’t understand cuz it is resolved.

I said we can get this closed in 3 months. Now they want me to sign up for a 4 to 6 month program and I’m like either your lying, or making this up as we go along. I’ve never even had a case plan. I’m asking time and time again to please show me in writing and explain to me in a manner in which I understand along with policy procedures, state laws, it constitutional rights, stating why I have to continue with their nonsense.

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More Lies

DHS has taken my kids and refuses extended visits and let’s the guardian get away with violating court orders and caught DHS in lies in text.

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Can't Testify In My Own Behalf

My newborn disabled son was taken from me and put into foster care completely illegally! Now I have a court appointed attorney that not only worked for cps in my town but the dcs attorney is also my public defenders best friend as well. I have not been able to testify on my own behalf or even present any of my evidence to prove my innocence in any way shape or form. I desperately need help for my son who needs us desperately.

Review for -
All In One Nutshell

Negligence on DHS behalf, parental alienation, discrimination and and retaliation

Review for -
Tricked Into Signing

False allegations without proof of lack of medical care and neglect due to drug use. All false. Grandparent was emotionally abusive and snapped after his daughter died late Aug last year. I was tricked into signing legal document

Review for -
My Fault

I had a mental breakdown and beat my foster son with a belt all over his body and threw him . They took my biological children and won’t let me work my case plan because I’m still facing my legal issues

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