Legal Disclaimer

I really do not need a “legal Disclaimer” because I do not teach “legal” methods to get your children back. I teach LAWFUL solutions to your problems.

I teach something MUCH greater than “legal”. I teach Common Law. You may HAVE never heard of it. It is not taught in schools. Your attorney may not even know what Common Law is. That is because it has been covered up and hidden for many years. 

It is as simple as this:

Notice that MAN created the government to protect the property of man.

Notice that Public Courthouses, Judges, Police, “PERSONS”, and Corporations are all under YOU.

There is a HUGE difference between “legal” and “lawful”.

Think about it. Which is greater…. The maker or what is made? Of course, it is the maker. 

Many years ago, some men decided to create some corporations ( A dead fictitious entity). They made it so that they could have their OWN rules that everyone that wanted to be part of that corporation would have to follow. They called them statutes and codes.

And because they governed themselves, they could make up names that sounded like the real thing outside of their corporation. So, they called these statutes and codes “LAW”. Pretty tricky if you ask me!

They could exist and do business as long as they did not do something really bad to someone. They could have their own constitution and would not be held responsible for any of their actions because the corporation is just a dead fictitious entity.

I hate to break it to you like this, but, the United States Government is just a corporation exactly like Walmart. The president of the U.S. is no different than the president of Walmart.

Each state is a fictitious entity corporation, and each county, each courthouse, and even your police station. They ALL are made by man and therefore are under man.

The laws that govern the legal fictions like corporations, governments and agents of those fictions (a man/woman acting on behalf of a govt/corp) are different than those that govern living men/women in which the Constitution was founded.

How Does This Apply To CPS And What Is Happening To You and Your Child?

CPS is a corporation! The court is a corporation! In order for you to be part of that corporation, you would have to have a contract of some sort with them. You contracted with them by signing a document or even consenting to one of their actions. If you signed a case plan with them, then you signed a contract.

You joined their corporation and you can now “legally” be held liable for breaching that contract. You MUST do as they say or suffer the consequences of going against the rules, statutes, and codes that you agreed to obey by your consent.

How do you join the court’s corporation?

When you went into the courthouse, CPS or your attorney got you to sign a plea. You joined the court’s corporation.

When the judge asked you what your name was and you answered…you were INSTANTLY under the jurisdiction of their corporation.

The same happened when the court clerk said “All Rise”. If you stood up at that time, you showed that you were UNDER the court’s jurisdiction and now have to obey ALL of their corporate rules, statutes, and codes.

If you are represented by an attorney….you have joined their corporation.

The state corporation that you just joined says that they can take your child from you if you fulfilled any of their rules, statutes or codes on neglect or abuse. YOU JOINED THE CORPORATION AND SO YOU MUST LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR RULES, STATUTES, AND CODES!

In a nutshell, THAT is what gives CPS and the courts the power and right to take your child from you. You consented. Yes, you were TRICKED into it, but you consented.


 I have gone through this the same as you for 2 1/2 years and found POWERFUL ways to combat the CPS system. Yes, I got my child back.

The trick of getting your children back is to step out of their legal system and jurisdiction and approach it as a LAWFUL man or woman.



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