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Dear Friend

This is a brand new course and I am sure I have missed finishing something. If that is the case, please email me at and tell me which lesson I have not finished or if there is something important that I need to write on .

I will do my best to get on it right away.

It Is All A Game

A a child we all played a lot of games. In baseball, 3 strikes and you are out. In card games if you are not holding the right cards you loose. What is happening to you right now is a big “game” with rules of procedure. If you do not know the rules….you will loose.

Imagine walking into a room where you have never gone before and there are 7 people sitting around a very large table. Your children are huddled up on the middle of the table. They are the prize if you can win the game.

Someone  demands that you sit down and play the game or they will play it without you and your children are still the prize for them. (You are forced to play.)

So, you sit down. You start yelling “You can’t do this! Those are MY children and NOT YOURS!!! (That doesn’t work.)

The leader tells you that you can have someone play the game for you and make all your decisions for you. You try that but they don’t communicate with you or even tell you what is going on. (That doesn’t work)

The rest of the players are holding playing cards but they WILL NOT show them to you.

They refuse to tell you the RULES of the game.

You don’t have a CLUE on how to play the game and they already have your children.

You don’t know WHERE to start on learning the RULES of the game so that you can at least TRY to get your children back.



I wrote this course because CPS has done this to me twice. I was determined to win and so I studied the rules and wrote them into this course so that you can have a fighting chance to win too. Everything I know is in this course. Enjoy!

I hope you do get your children back. I also hope that you have learned some valuable lessons on where you should better your life so that this does not happen again.