CPS ALREADY Terminated My Parental Rights

CPS ALREADY Terminated My Parental Rights

  There are a few things that can be done.

  1. If the court just recently terminated your rights, you have 30 days in which to get it appealed.
  2. You can get the judges rulling reviewed to see it you can get a different outcome.
  3. In some states, they have a law stating that if you have been rehabilitated and your child has NOT been adopted yet, you can bring the matter back to the court and reinstate your parental rights.


  1. Fire your attorney (If you have one)
  2. Rescind your signatures (Filed with the existing Juvenile case if still open.)

Fire Your Attorney

If your attorney was truly helping you get your children back, they would have done these things already. In order for you to Rescind your signatures and Challenge the court’s jurisdiction, you must get out from UNDER their jurisdiction. Having an attorney keeps you in their jurisdiction.

Rescind Your Signatures

An affidavit stands as truth and fact until it can be rebutted. (challenged). Our affidavit shows the court that they have no right to hold you under their jurisdiction because any contract you made with the court and CPS was done under duress, coercion, fraud, and without full disclosure of what your signature would mean. It is not asking for their permission as in a petition. You are making a statement of fact.

Challenge The Courts Jurisdiction in an appeal court

  1. The beauty of challenging the court’s jurisdiction is that you can even do it after the case is closed.