How To Get Your Children Back In Juvenile or Family Court

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This course teaches you how to use the CIVIL Legal method (not lawful) that the Juvenile Courts use. This is what is taught in law schools (Bar Associations). Each time you plead guilty, not guilty, contest the petition, or file motions, objections, answers, or anything else that they have a court rule on….you are JOINING (AKA “contracting with”) the court and state jurisdiction and you no longer have any rights as a MAN or WOMAN.

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START HERE Questions and Answers

Why The Civil Courts Are Able To Defraud Us


Exactly What Are You Being Accused Of?

How To Report A Caseworker For Misconduct

How To Complain If Your Child Is Being Abused In Foster Care

Invoke Your Rights To Not Be Questioned Or Searched

What To Do If CPS Takes Your Child From Hospital

Representing Yourself & Working With Your Attorney

They Are Going To Interrogate You

Safety Plans and Case Plans 

Notice Of Founded Or Substantiated

What To Do And Say At The Very First Hearing (72 Hour Hearing)

Settlement Hearing

This section does not have any lessons.

Family Decision Meetings

Judiciary (Fact Finding) Hearing in 60 Days

Rescind All Signatures and Contracts To Juvenile Court Case

Create A Dedicated Email Account Just For CPS

Understand Your Position

Did They Have A court Hearing Without Serving You Notice?

Get The Petition Or Amended Petition

Get The Discovery

Affirmative Answer

Send out Interrogatories

Get The Law

Create An Affidavit Of Facts


Challenge The Jurisdiction Of The Court

File A Judicial Notice

Get Your Evidence On The Record

Get Your Witnesses Ready


What Is Court Like?

Creating And Filing Motions

Motion To Make More Clear – Petition

This section does not have any lessons.

Motion to Dismiss Dependency Petition for Facial Insufficiency 

When And How To Call For Your Own Hearing

What To Say In Court

Court Orders

What If You Do Not Like The Courts Order

Psyc Evaluations And Mental Health Evaluations

Release Of Information (ROI) DO NOT SIGN THEM!!

Action Agreements

Petition To Show Cause

6 Month Hearing

Citizens Review Board (CRB Hearing)

After This Point, It Is All About REHABILITATION

Motion To Dismiss Jurisdiction

If They Don’t Close The Case –  MOVE YOUR CASE FOR CAUSE In A Federal Court

What To Do If You Tried Challenging Jurisdiction And It Did Not Work?