CPS plans on Terminating my parental rights (TPR)

CPS plans on Terminating my parental rights (TPR)

  1. Get an attorney that will speak for you and write the documents.
  2. Rescind your signatures (Filed with the existing Juvenile case.)
  3. Challenge the Jurisdiction (You will open a NEW case of your own in the same court.)

Get your Attorney ready

Make sure you have an attorney for this part.

The state must prove that the allegations in the original petition still are valid today. They will have to prove that you were not in compliance with your case plan.

Your goal is to prove that the original reasons that your children were taken away no longer exist or that you have been rehabilitated. 

You prove that with a tract record of passing your classes, passing your drug tests, letters or testimony from your counselor that they feel you are rehabilitated, OR you prove that the reason never really existed in the first place.

You will need to have copies of your good deeds of passing your services. You will need to subpena those people to testify in court that you were a good student. You will need copies in court of your clean drug tests. 

Mainly you will have to prove that you have been REHABILITATED.

If you are really desperate

Rescind Your Signatures

An affidavit stands as truth and fact until it can be rebutted. (challenged). Our affidavit shows the court that they have no right to hold you under their jurisdiction because any contract you made with the court and CPS was done under duress, coercion, fraud, and without full disclosure of what your signature would mean.

It is not asking for their permission as in a petition. You are making a statement of fact.

Challenge The Courts Jurisdiction

Once you challenge the court’s jurisdiction, the court CANNOT move forward until jurisdiction has been proven in front of a jury. They cannot make any more orders against you. CPS cannot make you do anything else. They cannot terminate your parental rights.

If they cannot PROVE that they have jurisdiction over you and your children, they MUST discharge the case and give you back your children.