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START HERE Questions And Answers

Why The Civil Courts Are Able To Defraud Us

Understanding Courts

Carl Lentz – How To Get Your Child Back From CPS

Who Can You Sue

STOP Saying “Child” To CPS And The Courts (Say Property)

Your Attitude Means Everything – REQUIRED READING AND LISTENING

What If Your Parental Rights Have Been Terminated?

The Invisible Friend Who Is Complaining About You

Step 2 – PRINT THIS OUT – Rescind Your Signatures


Step 1 – Send A Notice of Intent To Sue

What To Say When You Have To Go Back Into Court

How To Sue If Your Parental Rights Have Been Terminated?

PRINT THIS OUT -Start Your Claim

The Different Parts Of The Initial Claim Explained


Filing Your Claim

What To Do If The Court Clerk Will Not File Your Paperwork

What To Do If The Court Clerk Moves YOUR Court To A Different Venu?

Getting A Magistrate For Your Court

PRINT THIS OUT –  Turn The Judge Into A Magistrate

Summons and Notice Of Delivery

How To Deliver It To The Wrongdoeres

What Happens After The Summons Are Delivered?

Dealing With Interference From CPS, Attorneys and Magistrates

What To Say When You Get Into YOUR Court in 21 Days

Your Claim After 21 Days And No One Showed Up In Your Court

File A Lien On Their Property If They Do Not Pay

Do Not File A Habeas Corpus

Creating Your Own Common Law Court If The District Court Will Not Work With You.

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