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Meet Your Strawman – The Fake You

Open Letter From Senator Nancy Schaefer

This Will Be An Uphill Battle For Most

What To Do If Your Children Are Taken By CPS Or The Police

What Exactly Are You Being Accused Of?

Keep Things Documented

Your Rights and What You Can Expect

Shut UP!!!

Husband And Wife Must Work Together

Teenage Parents


The Non-Offending Parent

Parents With Disabilities

Caseworkers And Their Responsibilities

Meetings With The Caseworker & Service Plans

The Case Plan

Be Aware Of Case Worker Forgery And Lies

All About Release Forms

What To Do If They Are Not Giving You Services You Need

Can CPS Interview My Child At School or Daycare?

Custody, Kinship Care, And Relative Foster Care

Parents Who Do Not Speak English As a First Language

Get a Copy Of the Investigation File

Going To Court

In The Courtroom

Getting The Best From Your Court Ordered Services

Your Attorney

The Other Attorneys

Never Do These Things

Quite Posting On Social Media

Your Visits With Your Children

Drugs And Alcohol

Medical Concerns

What To Do If You Are Arrested

Foster Parents And Relative Caregivers

Child Support

What Are Your Parental Rights?

Give Me Your Input