We used to have an actual template for Motion to Dismiss in CPS court on this page.

The reason we took it down was that we found something that WORKS EVEN BETTER!

Why Did We Change?

A "motion" is only a document trying to MOVE the court. You are BEGGING or PLEADING with the court to change its direction.

Here is the problem with that.

  1. The judge is part of the money making system. His job is to KEEP your child on the conveyor belt so that the state, the county, and the lawyers can make their money.
  2. The judge makes some money each time a child is adopted out. They get it when they retire. He has an agenda to keep your child on the money making conveyor belt.

When you are dealing with Juvenile or Family court to try and get your children back, you are dealing with a "stacked deck". All the odds are against you.

  • They are allowed to use hearsay.
  • The caseworkers are allowed to LIE to the court.
  • They TWIST all of your words up
  • in fact, their whole case is built from distortion, misrepresentation, lies, and omission.
  • Your court-appointed attorney does NOT do their job and defend you.
  • They all work together and stretch the case out with the goal of terminating your rights and adopting your children out.

They are going to LAUGH at your Motion To Dismiss! Most parents are finding that it never works.

Do you really want to BEG the crooked court and then get laughed at?


Here Is What You Really Need!

What you need is a way to DEMAND your child back and they have to obey your request! 

Would you like to learn of a much easier way to get your kids back? Yes?

Would you like to learn of a way where YOU are in CONTROL and not the judge or CPS? Yes?

Would you like to learn how to walk into court and simply DEMAND them back? Yes?


Well, here is the good news!

I wrote an online course on how to LAWFULLY demand your children back.

The course has EVERYTHING you will need to be successful in getting your children back.

Click the button below right now and come learn how to take control of CPS and the courtroom!


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Below is some information you may be interested in about CPS statutes and codes.

Choose what state your case is in to use the right rules, regulations, laws and statutes in your Motion To Dismiss.