The Juvenile Court Is A Scam

The Juvenile Court Is A Scam

And then they run you through the court system.

Every ounce of your understanding of the law tells you that you are Innocent until proven guilty.

When you went to court the first time, and every time after that, you found that just wasn’t true. You are GUILTY until proven innocent. They use tricks and threats to make you plead guilty. The court is rigged so that you can never prove your innocence. It seems that EVERYBODY involved is against you.

The caseworkers lie and twist your words all up so that it sounds like you and the other parent are the worst parents ever.

Your attorney doesn’t really fight for you. Instead, they don’t answer your phone calls, don’t read your texts, and they certainly do NOT defend you in court. They trick you into pleading guilty and do everything they can to keep the case going so that they can make the most amount of money.

The judge ORDERS you to take drug rehab, psych evaluations, constant drug tests, anger management classes, and make the rules on how and when you can visit your children. They also want all of your medical history and ORDER you to sign VOLUNTARY release forms to get it.

CPS then takes the information from all of those and makes you look like the worst parent in the world and that you do not deserve to have your children back. Many times after the judge orders you to take services, the caseworker will stall in getting you that service so that your time runs out and you look bad to the judge or they use that as an excuse to keep your children longer.

The judge does not accept your proof of innocence or even your getting A+ in all your classes and services. The judge just goes with whatever CPS wants them to do.