So why would I advise you to NOT TO TAKE A DRUG TEST unless you are court ordered?

Basically, it is because CPS has no legal right to make you take a drug test without a court order. And they will entrap you with it.

You do NOT have to give them a drug test unless they have a court order for you to do so.

It is against your 5 amendment rights to have to take a drug test without a court order as IT WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU IN A COURT OF LAW!!!

If you refuse to take a drug test, CPS might go to court and get a court order for you to take the test if they believe you really are taking drugs. (That is ok! I show you in our online course what to say to the judge to stop them from ordering ANY kind of tests or services. keep reading!)

If you are already having tests done by your job or parole officer, and the test are NEGATIVE, (no drugs) then give CPS this information. If you already know that the test will come up NEGATIVE, and you are thinking of taking the test to prove that you are not taking drugs, think again! DO NOT DO IT!!

Say, for example, you are accused of drug use. They want you to go to a drug testing service to prove your innocence. You say, “Okay, I’m not a drug user, I’ll go”. But then you find yourself facing false-positive results … or if you miss an appointment, you are told that will count as a positive drug test.

You could have just eaten a poppy seed muffin and it shows up as positive. The other thing they will do is trade your hair or fluids out for someone else’s that is on drugs.

Your life is being severely interfered with because you have to go to scheduled appointments, miss work, make special child care arrangements, etc. Believe me, all this is not a “service” to you, no matter what they call it!

It is only a way for child protective services social workers to try to get “evidence” against you so they can take your children away.

Legally, CPS cannot MAKE you give them a drug test without a court order. It is a form of SEIZURE.

Especially do NOT give them a drug test if drugs are NOT one of the claims of neglect or abuse. They are just on a fishing trip. 

If you do decide to take the drug test or you are court-ordered to take one, and you are taking ANY prescription medicine, before you take the test, show them the prescription or the bottle.

If you ARE using drugs, and they DO get a court order, it might go better for you to tell CPS the truth and agree to go into a program so that your children can stay home.

DO NOT sign up for the program through CPS. When you do that, you are signing up under the jurisdiction of the state.

My advice is that you get YOUR OWN drug tests done. Every time that CPS has you go take a test for them, tell them that you will also be getting one from an independent testing place and match it up with theirs in court.

I have seen too many falsified test results where the parent didn’t even take drugs that came back as positive. SPEND THE MONEY! GET YOUR OWN TEST DONE.