SHUT UP! Do Not Self Disclose


So why would I advise you to SHUT UP? 

During an investigation, you do not have to talk to the social worker, you do NOT have to take any drug tests, and you do not have to sign anything. If you DO sign anything, make sure it is not a blank page. ALWAYS get a copy of it. At least take a photo of it. My advice is DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING! I will tell you why a little later.

You Do Not Have To Answer ALL Of Their Questions.

Q: Should parents answer all the questions they are asked?

A: Before answering questions, I would encourage anyone under investigation to ask questions. Those include:

  • What were the allegations made against me?
  • What exact information are you looking for?
  • What exactly are your concerns?

You do have a right to refuse to answer questions, so if you’re told the allegations are about domestic violence, but they’re asking you about something else entirely, you may want to say, “I don’t think that question is relevant to the concerns you’ve raised.”

One thing you don’t want to do is minimize serious concerns. You want your answers to reduce concerns, not raise more concerns.

If you’ve had prior cases, CPS is required to ask you about them.

They may be “required” to ask them, but that does NOT mean you are required to answer them.

If you have addressed any problems you were struggling with in the past, it’s a good idea to explain how you’ve done that. NEVER talk about your failures.

Again I want to remind you…..You do have a right to refuse to answer questions. It is best that you do not answer their questions. Why? Read further.

“Self Disclosure”

“Self Disclosure” can be your worst enemy. This is where you tell on yourself and then this information is used against you forever and ever and ever.

If you think that the caseworker wants to be your friend, you are wrong. The least you say about your self, your family and your past and your families past, the better.

Don’t go into a lot of detail about the circumstances that happened. Keep your sentences short. Do NOT lie. If they figure out that you are lying, it will be written up as something negative against you. Just say, ” I would rather not talk about that.” They will try to pull it out of you…but keep repeating “I would rather not talk about that.”

What they try to find out is not only the present but your troubled past. Your troubled past will come back to bite you if you open your mouth. Do not give it up freely.

Tell the caseworker that you will talk about the present problem and that is all.

Remember that CPS’s legal concern now that they have taken your child is to strengthen their case.

EVERYTHING YOU SAY TO THEM WILL BE TWISTED AND USED AGAINST YOU!! If you or your spouse freely give them more information other then the present problem, you will be sorry.