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Course #1

Help Your Children Understand CPS and Foster Care


Most kids do not understand that if they complain to CPS because they did not get their way can lead into their going into foster care 


$ 25 

BE PROACTIVE! Put these things in place so that CPS has no rights to interview your children at school or anywhere else. Print them out and give one to your child's school and one for your child to carry.


$25 entry +$10 for handout

This course includes a handout to give to both CPS and the police when they knock at your door. It explains all of your rights and what to say to most all situations.





$ 35 

Course #4

They Took The Kids! Now What Do I Do?

VERY IMPORTANT!  What are your rights? What happens next? Should you talk to the caseworker or police? What will the court be like? TONS of information you need to know RIGHT NOW!


$ 35 

Course #5

Where And How To Fight, Complain About, Appeal, And Sue CPS


SUPER IMPORTANT! As soon as they take the kids, the court case has begun. You will need this information to fight CPS to get your kids back!



Course #6

Where and How Does CPS Get The Power To Take Your Children


This course will explain how the government has slowly manuvered us to this point. This system is not broken....It has been designed this way.