Course #4. They Took The Kids! Now, What Do I Do?

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1. Introduction

  • What Is In This Course

2. Cheat Sheet

  • What you need to know NOW!

3. Watch These Videos To Understand What Is Going On

  • The CPS #CASH4KIDS System and Stories of Arizona Families with Merissa Hamilton

4. Open Letter From Senator Nancy Schaefer

  • Senator Nancy Schaefer Reveals the problems with CPS

5. This Will Be An Uphill Battle For Most

  • Why It Is Hard To Win Against CPS

6. What To Do If Your Children Are Taken By CPS Or The Police

  • Do These Things Right Away
  • Should I tell CPS About Services I Am Already Taking?
  • Create A List Of Relatives Where Your Children Can Be Placed

7. What Exactly Are You Being Accused of?

  • Neglect and Abuse
  • Medical Abuse
  • Lack Of Supervision
  • Safety Threats Guide
  • Impending Safety Threats Examples

8. Keep Things Documented

  • Log Everything – Keep Your Head Straight
  • Keep A Log Of Your Conversations With Caseworkers
  • Keep A Log Of Your Visits With Your Children
  • Record Conversations If You Can
  • Keep Important Names, Addresses, & Phone Numbers
  • Document You Are Becoming A Better Parent

9. Your Rights and What You Can Expect

  • Know Your Rights
  • Expectations

10. Shut UP!!!

  • You Do Not Have To Talk To The Social Worker

11. Husband And Wive Must Work Together

  • Divide And Conquer
  • New Relationships During An Ongoing CPS Case

12. Teenage Parents

  • Teenage Parents Can Get In Trouble With CPS Too

13. Fathers

  • What Is A Legal Father?
  • Paternity Checks
  • How Do I Know If I Am The Legal Father?
  • I Am Named As “Alleged Father” In A CPS Case, Now What?
  • The Court Says That I am The Legal Father But I Don’t Think I Am
  • Do I Get A Lawyer Even If I Am Not The Legal Father?
  • Will I Have The Same Lawyer As The Child’s Mother?

14. The Non-Offending Parent

  • What Should You Do?

15. Parents With Disabilities

  • Special Accommodations For Those With Disabilities

16. Caseworkers And Their Responsibilities

  • Investigative or Intake Worker
  • Case Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Case Manager
  • Case Planner
  • What is a “Face-to-Face”?
  • Face-to-face With The Children
  • Update The Case To Show today’s Improvements Or Safety Threats

17. Meetings With The Caseworker & Service Plans

  • Helpful Tips
  • Family Group Decision Making Meetings
  • Service Plans

18. The Case Plan

  • The case Plan
  • The Concurrent Plan
  • Family Decision Meeting
  • Action Agreements = Service Plan
  • Ongoing Safety Plan
  • ASFA – Adoption And Safe Families
  • Caseworker Not Updating The Case Plan

19. Be Aware Of Case Worker Forgery And Lies

  • Signature Forged On 2nd Case Plan
  • DCS Case Worker Arrested For Falsifying Information
  • Social Workers Guilty Of Fraud In Danieal Kelly Case
  • CPS Said Parent Positive For Drugs, Tests Said Negative

20. Release Forms – Should You Sign Them?

  • What Is A Release Form?
  • What Happens If I Don’t Want To Sign It?
  • How To Sign Under Duress
  • How To Rescind Your Signature
  • Release Forms For Medical Records

21. What To Do If They Are Not Giving You Services You Need

  • Complain To The Judge
  • Letter To The Supervisor

22. Can CPS Interview My Child At School or Daycare?

  • Is It Against The Constitution?

23. Custody, Kinship Care, And Relative Foster Care

  • What Should You Do?

24. Parents Who Do Not Speak English As a First Language

  • Ask For An Interpreter

25. Get a Copy Of the Investigation File

  • Where Can I Get a Copy Of the Investigation File?

26. Getting Ready And Going To Court

  • Get A Copy Of The Petition
  • Get The Information Needed
  • Bring Photographs
  • Now, What Do I Do With All That Information?
  • Hearsay
  • Do NOT Sign A Plea Of Guilt
  • Frequently Asked Questions

27. In The Courtroom

  • What To Do If You Are Using Common Law And Do Not Have A SSN Or Birth Certificate.
  • How and When To Talk To The Judge
  • They Lie Under Oath
  • The Initial Hearing – Detention Hearing – Adversary Hearing – Preliminary Protective Hearing – 72 Hour Hearing
  • The Status Hearing
  • Pre-trial or Settlement
  • Mediation & Settlement Agreement
  • The Adjudication Hearing
  • The Disposition Hearing
  • The Disposition Hearing Review
  • CRB – citizens Review Board
  • The Permanency Hearing
  • Final Hearing & Termination Of Parental Rights

28. Ask For A CASA

  • What is a CASA

29. Getting The Best From Your Court Ordered Services

  • Preventive Services
  • Anger Management Classes
  • Drug Rehab
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Mental / Emotional Counseling
  • Parenting classes
  • The Emotional Freedom Techic (EFT)
  • Reminder On Signing Release Forms

30.The State Central Register

  • How to Expunge Your Record

31. Your Attorney

  • When To Get An Attorney
  • Can I Get a Lawyer To Help Me?
  • The Court Appointed Attorney
  • Working With Your Attorney
  • How To Find A GOOD Attorney
  • What To Do If Your court Appointed Attorney Is Not Helping
  • How To Fire Your Attorney
  • Get copies Of Your Case File
  • Confidential Attorney-Client Privileged Information
  • What If I Also Have an Open Criminal Case?
  • Your Child Has The Right to Confidentiality, Too!
  • Things My Lawyer Should Be Doing
  • How Can I Help My Lawyer?

32. The Other Attorneys

  • The State Attorney (CPS)
  • The Child’s Attorney (Ad Litem Guardian)

33. Never Do These Things

  • Never Sign A Plea Of Guilt
  • Never Except Services That Do Not Fit Your “Crime”
  • Never Let CPS Delay Your Services
  • Never Tell Them You Were Once In The System
  • Never Agree To A Drug Test Without A Court Order
  • Never Agree To Service Plans Without A Court Order
  • Never Give Them A List Of Friends And Relatives
  • Never Tell Them Your Parental Rights Were Terminated Before
  • Never Tell Them That You Were Abused When You Were Younger
  • Never Let Them Interview Your Child Alone

34. Quite Posting On Social Media

  • STOP! Online Information = Public Information

35. Your Visits With Your Children

  • What To Do and Not Do During Visitation
  • Visits At The CPS Visitation Room
  • Visits With The Foster Parents
  • Visits At The Unsupervised Visitation Center
  • The Home Visit
  • Prove You Can Parent
  • Photos And Videos
  • Bring Projects
  • Never Say Bad Things Out In The Waiting Room
  • What Will Supervised Visits Be Like?
  • What To Talk About At Your Visit
  • Don’t Talk About The Case

36. Drugs And Alcohol

  • What To Do When They Ask You To Take A Drug Test
  • Your Constitutional Rights NOT To Take A Drug Test
  • When Taking Drugs Is Neglect Or Abuse
  • Drug Rehabilitation
  • When Drinking Alcohol Is Neglect Or Abuse
  • Different Kinds Of Drug Tests
  • Get A Copy Of The Drug Test
  • What Will CPS Likely Ask Me To Do If Drugs/Alcohol Are Part Of My Case?

37. Medical Concerns

  • What Is Medical Neglect?
  • Brittle Bone Syndrome
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Munchausen By Proxy
  • How To Get Your Child Medical History
  • How To Pass A Psyc Evaluation

38. What To Do If You Are Arrested

  • Plan Ahead
  • Your Rights

39. Foster Parents And Relative Caregivers

  • Relative Foster Care
  • Relative Custody Or Guardianship
  • Giving Custody To Someone Else
  • Custody Of A Relative Vs. Kinship Foster Care
  • Making An INFORMAL Custody Arrangement
  • Making A FORMAL Custody Arrangement
  • How Does a Child Enter Kinship Foster Care?
  • How To Get Your Child Back From A Relative Caregiver Who Was Granted Custody
  • Foster Parents (Out Of Home Care)
  • De Facto Motion

40. Child Support

  • You will Still Have To Support Your Children
  • Custody Battle During CPS Involvement
  • When To Argue Custody
  • Divorcing During A CPS Case

41. What Are Your Parental Rights?

  • What Are My Rights Before CPS Involvement?
  • What Are My Rights After Judge Gives CPS Custody

42. Polygraph Tests

  • Should I Agree To A Polygraph Test?

43. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • What Is It And Where To Find It

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