Course #3. When CPS Knocks At Your Door

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This course includes a handout to give to both CPS and the police when they knock at your door. It explains all of your rights and what to say to most all situations.

Each state has different laws and CPS administrative rules, so we had to make handouts to fit each state

This is a very large course of what to do and what NOT to do.

I do not have all the handouts ready, but there is a form in it to ask for a specific state and I will get it done first.

You cannot go wrong for only $25 for all of this information!! When I get your state ready, all you have to pay for it is $10 for the CPS handout.

1. What Is In This Course

  • What Is In This Course

2. Somebody Called CPS On You

  • What Does It Mean That a CPS Report Was Made Against Me?
  • Who Made The Call?

3. Native American Heritage

  • The Rules Are Different

4. How To Talk To A Caseworker

  • Cheat Sheet – What To Say At The Door
  • SHUT UP! You Do Not Have To Talk To Them
  • You Have The Right To Not Let CPS Into Your Home
  • What To Say At A Home Visit or Office Interview
  • Did You Get Ready For This?
  • You Can Tell Them To Get Out Of Your House.
  • You Do Not Have To Answer ALL Of Their Questions
  • Advice On How To Act During Their Investigation
  • Do NOT Get Angry! Remain Calm!
  • EVERYTHING You say will Be Twisted and Used Against You
  • Ask For Your Attorney
  • Wife And Husbands Must Work Together – Divide And Conquer
  • You have The Right To Video Tape Them

5. Documents To Hand Out When They Come To Your Door

  • What To Give CPS and Police At The Door
  • Document To Give School
  • Cards To Give Your Child To Carry
  • Medical Documents For CPS

6. CPS Cases Are Not Criminal Cases

  • CPS Cases Are Civil Cases

7. What Happens During An Investigation

  • Is Your Child Safe?
  • Your Life Is Under A Microscope
  • What To Expect
  • How To Make Things Go Smoother
  • Interviewing Your Child
  • When CPS Can Transport Your Child
  • Examining Your Child
  • Inspecting Your Home
  • Record Requests
  • Investigation Results
  • I Disagree With CPS’ Findings: Can I Ask for a Review?
  • Why Are The Police With CPS?


  • Don’t Flee Or Hide Your Child

9. Collateral Contacts

  • What Is a Collateral Contact?

10. What Exactly Are You Being Accused Of?

  • Neglect
  • Abuse
  • Medical Abuse
  • Lack Of Supervision
  • Safety Threats Guide
  • Impending Safety Threats Examples

11. Do NOT Sign Anything

  • Don’t Be Tricked!

12. How Do Kids Get Into Foster Care?

  • Court Ordered Removal
  • Emergency Removal
  • Children Born To A Mother Who Already Has Children In Foster Care

13. How Do Families Get Involved With CPS?

  • Mandated Reporters And The Hotline

14. Reasonable Efforts

  • The States Laws and CPS Administrative Rules On Reasonable Efforts
  • Examples of Reasonable Efforts

15. Pre-placement Preventative Services

  • What Are Preventative Services?
  • The States Laws and CPS Administrative Rules On Preventative Services

16. Parents

  • If You Separate From Your Partner

17. When They Ask You To Take A Drug Test

  • If No Court Order – Do Not Take One
  • Your Constitutional Rights To Not Take A Drug Test
  • Go Off These Drugs BEFORE CPS Gets A Court Order for a drug test.

18. Always Do These Things

  • Always Ask The Caseworker These Questions
  • Always Ask WHEN The Report Was Taken
  • Always Keep A File Of Your child’s Physician Records
  • Keep A Log Of Your conversations With The Caseworker
  • Record Conversations If You Can

19. NEVER Do These Things

  • Never Sign A Plea Of Guilt
  • Never Except Services That Do Not Fit Your “Crime”
  • Never Tell Them You Were Once In The System
  • Never Agree To A Drug Test Without A Court Order
  • Never Agree To Service Plans Without A Court Order
  • Never Give Them A List Of Friends And Relatives
  • Never Tell Them Your Parental Rights Were Terminated Before
  • Never Tell Them That You Were Abused When You Were Younger
  • Never Let Them Interview Your Child Alone

20. Parents Who Were Former Foster Children

  • Never Tell CPS You Were In Foster Care Before

21. Medical

  • Do Not Let Them Take Your child To Their Doctor
  • Children Taken At The Hospital

22. Removal

  • The Decision to Remove a Child
  • Notification Of Removing Child

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