Course #2. Things To Know And Do Before CPS Knocks At Your Door

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BE PROACTIVE! Put these things in place so that CPS has no rights to interview your children at school or anywhere else. Print them out and give one to your child’s school and one for your child to carry.

1. Introduction

  • What Is In This Course

2. How Do Kids Get Into Foster Care?

  • Court Ordered Removal
  • Emergency Removal
  • Children Born To A Mother Who Already Has Children In Foster Care

3. Consider NOT Taking These Drugs

  • Drugs That Give False-Positives On Drug Tests

4. Important Documents To Prepare

  • Document To Give School To Stop Interrogations
  • Card For Your Child To Carry To Stop School Interrogation (Reverse Miranda)
  • Information On Your Child’s Illness

5. Create A Safety Plan NOW!

  • Get A Safety Plan Ready
  • Temporary Guardianship And Relative Custody

6. Things You Should Be Doing NOW

  • Smart Things To Do and NOT Do
  • Things That Will Trigger An Investigation By CPS

7. Victims of Domestic Violence

  • What To Do To Get Away From Domestic Violence

8. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • What Is It And Where To Find It


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