Many peoples orders are not going through because they are not being patient with the payment process to shake hands with PayPal.

Please WAIT for the process to finish.

It will look like the picture below. The little circles will go around and around for what will seem like forever. (Sometimes up to 30 seconds)




If you are not patient and allow it to get done shaking hands with Paypal…..your order will not go through and you will have to start over.

Another reason the orders are not going through is that there are not enough funds in their credit card or PayPal. Please go make sure you have enough funds available.

The third reason the orders do not go through is that the address typed into the order form is not the billing address on the card.

So, now if you are ready to BE PATIENT, HAVE ENOUGH FUNDS, AND KNOW WHAT THE BILLING ADDRESS IS,  click on the button below.