I wasn’t allowed to speak at the first hearing when I walked in with my kids they took them automatically

I wasn't allowed to speak at the first hearing when I walked in with my kids they took them automatically

I had a really hateful caseworker who worked on my boyfriend’s ex girlfriends case with their son. The case worker already hated my boyfriend and judged him without speaking to him or meeting him. My boyfriend and I had a domestic situation in October of 2017 (never have they seen a situation like that) and dcf still didn’t take the kids away.
The following month a visit with2 case workers came to see me. I was warned that there was a no contact order so he couldn’t be around the kids. Ok so we worked around that and complied until one day my 14 yr old son broke his hand at school and I needed to pick him up to take him to hospital and I had no transportation and no HELP except for my boyfriend who I’ve known for 20 yrs now. He left work to come help me and my son still wasn’t near him.
By the time I was done with my son at the hospital it was almost time for my scheduled apt with dcf worker and I had to pick him up from work so I decided I should call to reschedule but my boyfriend and my son both convinced me not to and to just meet her and get it over with. She had mentioned that she wanted to meet Stephen (the boyfriend) soon so I saw this as an opportunity.
Instead it was my worst nightmare. Even though I had him standing in the street while my kids were running around the yard playing with 4 other children so they didn’t even notice who was at the house. When my case worker showed up I asked her if she wanted to meet Steve or if she wanted him to leave and all she said was he’s not supposed to be around the children and that she was concerned and had to call her supervisor and she couldn’t promise me that I will be keeping my children.
We kept asking her why my boyfriend was viewed so badly but we got no explanation or a reason on why he’s Such a monster. We both confronted her and she was not happy about being put in her place with the simple logic we were explaining to her. She was speechless cuz she had no viable explanation.
I ended up taking the kids and leaving with my boyfriend since she had it sealed on taking them. I showed up in court 2 days later with my kids to fight this but I never got a chance to see the judge. The lawyers were just there telling me I am guilty of putting my kids in danger and I’m a victim of domestic violence.
I never got any paperwork regarding anything on my kids. Don’t they need a warrant?
Can I request all the documents? I should have a copy of but my caseworkers don’t like to give me or tell me about any kind of paperwork or meetings, so I don’t have anything!
I thought where she’s a dcf worker she would be able to detect whether or not there was a threat since shes an adequate supervisor. She didn’t believe that he was only there waiting in the street to meet her. And she also said that other ppl have reported him around the boys when he wasn’t.
How do I prove my innocence?
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Asked on December 27, 2018 1:48 am
State and county child is in.: Bristol and Plymouth county MA
What safety threat were you accused of?: She said I had my alged abuser around the children and dcf has a no contact order on him for the kids
How long has your child been in the states care?: 8 months and my case worker already put reunification in against me
Are your parental rights about to be terminated?: Probably with everything they get upset about during a visit
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Sounds like a typical CPS move to get a few kids on the money making conveyor belt at once.
Rule #2 NEVER sign anything with CPS
Rule #3 Never try to fight CPS in their own court.
Rule #3 Take our FREE course on what to do after CPS takes your kids.

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