How long does DEFACS have to do a case plan once the children have been taken

How long does DEFACS have to do a case plan once the children have been taken


How long does DEFACS have to start a case plan on my daughter.

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Asked on January 7, 2019 8:04 pm
State and county child is in.: Bartow, georgia
What safety threat were you accused of?: Positive for meth and marijuana at birth of my son
How long has your child been in the states care?: December 20, 2028
Are your parental rights about to be terminated?: No
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If they took your son because you tested positive for meth at birth, they have 72 hours to petition the court to put the child into their custody because of your abuse. A case plan would soon ensue.

Your signature to that case plan (or any other document) puts you into their jurisdiction. They will tell you that you will NEVER see your son again unless you sign it. That is coercion. It is illegal.

What you will want to do is SIGN NOTHING! Stop talking to them and giving them ANY information about you or your life, They are the opposing party in the legal battle. Do NOT allow them into your home. They are under statutes and code to do what they do but you are NOT. They work for a corporation that sells services to get money from the “government”. You are not a member of that corporation and you did NOT give them any permission to administer your property (child).

The problem is, trying to fight them using their corporate statutes and codes puts you in their jurisdiction. Not many can win it that way. You will have to fight it as a Man or Woman using the Common Law

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Ohh, and one last thought. They are absolutely right about your abusing your child using meth while you were pregnant. I understand that you take drugs because you just want to feel different and better than you do. You carry a lot of emotional garbage that feels like a ton of bricks on you and you don’t have the answers on how to get it off.

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